AWS Lightsale

Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to get started with AWS for developers who just need virtual private servers. Lightsail includes everything you need to launch your project quickly - a virtual machine, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP - for a low, predictable price. You manage those Lightsail servers through the Lightsail console or by using the API or command-line interface (CLI).

Key Links

API Paths

Allocate Static Ip (GET) /?Action=AllocateStaticIp OpenAPI
Attach Static Ip (GET) /?Action=AttachStaticIp OpenAPI
Close Instance Public Ports (GET) /?Action=CloseInstancePublicPorts OpenAPI
Create Domain (GET) /?Action=CreateDomain OpenAPI
Create Domain Entry (GET) /?Action=CreateDomainEntry OpenAPI
Create Instances (GET) /?Action=CreateInstances OpenAPI
Create Instances From Snapshot (GET) /?Action=CreateInstancesFromSnapshot OpenAPI
Create Instance Snapshot (GET) /?Action=CreateInstanceSnapshot OpenAPI
Create Key Pair (GET) /?Action=CreateKeyPair OpenAPI
Delete Domain (GET) /?Action=DeleteDomain OpenAPI
Delete Domain Entry (GET) /?Action=DeleteDomainEntry OpenAPI
Delete Instance (GET) /?Action=DeleteInstance OpenAPI
Delete Instance Snapshot (GET) /?Action=DeleteInstanceSnapshot OpenAPI
Delete Key Pair (GET) /?Action=DeleteKeyPair OpenAPI
Detach Static Ip (GET) /?Action=DetachStaticIp OpenAPI
Download Default Key Pair (GET) /?Action=DownloadDefaultKeyPair OpenAPI
Get Active Names (GET) /?Action=GetActiveNames OpenAPI
Get Blueprints (GET) /?Action=GetBlueprints OpenAPI
Get Bundles (GET) /?Action=GetBundles OpenAPI
Get Domain (GET) /?Action=GetDomain OpenAPI
Get Domains (GET) /?Action=GetDomains OpenAPI
Get Instance (GET) /?Action=GetInstance OpenAPI
Get Instance Access Details (GET) /?Action=GetInstanceAccessDetails OpenAPI
Get Instance Metric Data (GET) /?Action=GetInstanceMetricData OpenAPI
Get Instance Port States (GET) /?Action=GetInstancePortStates OpenAPI
Get Instances (GET) /?Action=GetInstances OpenAPI
Get Instance Snapshot (GET) /?Action=GetInstanceSnapshot OpenAPI
Get Instance Snapshots (GET) /?Action=GetInstanceSnapshots OpenAPI
Get Instance State (GET) /?Action=GetInstanceState OpenAPI
Get Key Pair (GET) /?Action=GetKeyPair OpenAPI
Get Key Pairs (GET) /?Action=GetKeyPairs OpenAPI
Get Operation (GET) /?Action=GetOperation OpenAPI
Get Operations (GET) /?Action=GetOperations OpenAPI
Get Operations For Resource (GET) /?Action=GetOperationsForResource OpenAPI
Get Regions (GET) /?Action=GetRegions OpenAPI
Get Static Ip (GET) /?Action=GetStaticIp OpenAPI
Get Static Ips (GET) /?Action=GetStaticIps OpenAPI
Import Key Pair (GET) /?Action=ImportKeyPair OpenAPI
Is Vpc Peered (GET) /?Action=IsVpcPeered OpenAPI
Open Instance Public Ports (GET) /?Action=OpenInstancePublicPorts OpenAPI
Peer Vpc (GET) /?Action=PeerVpc OpenAPI
Reboot Instance (GET) /?Action=RebootInstance OpenAPI
Release Static Ip (GET) /?Action=ReleaseStaticIp OpenAPI
Start Instance (GET) /?Action=StartInstance OpenAPI
Stop Instance (GET) /?Action=StopInstance OpenAPI
Unpeer Vpc (GET) /?Action=UnpeerVpc OpenAPI
Update Domain Entry (GET) /?Action=UpdateDomainEntry OpenAPI